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Historische H?rteprüfsysteme | Wilson - Wolpert - Reicherter - Precidur

Historische H?rteprüfsysteme

Historische H?rteprüfsysteme

Wilson Celebrating 100 Years of Hardness Testing
Buehler’s Wilson? brand of hardness has been the world’s leading Hardness testing equipment and has been at the forefront of building, supporting, and servicing a comprehensive range of Hardness testers since 1920. The Wilson brand combined with Reicherter, Precidur and Wolpert exceeds 300 years of hardness of testing experience. In addition, Buehler’s Wilson? Hardness trademark is synonymous with accurate, dependable hardness testing throughout the world. Read more about the evolution and history of hardness.
Wilson Hardness Legacy Testers

Wilson-Prüfmaschinen mit Tradition - Wilson ROckwell

The Wilson? hardness brand of hardness testers was originally known as the Wilson Mechanical Instrument Company. Here Stanley Rockwell and founder Charles H. Wilson introduced the Rockwell hardness tester, an industry standard. Later, Wilson became the home of the legendary Tukon line of micro-indentation testers – renowned for Knoop and Vickers testing. These early inventions revolutionized industry and paved the way for Wilson today, with innovations that improve usability and allow for full connectivity and automation like the DiaMet software. Clicl the link to see if your legacy Wilson hardness tester can be updated with DiaMet software.
Wolpert Hardness Legacy Testers

Prüfmaschinen mit Tradition - Wolpert

Wolpert, a well-known name in the hardness testing industry, is known for the practical designs which meet the needs of every hardness testing application. Wolpert has been manufacturing hardness testers since 1927, and today their testers are designed and manufactured by Buehler.
Reicherter Hardness Legacy Testers

Wilson-Prüfmaschinen mit Tradition - Reicherter

Reicherter produced Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Universal hardness testers that were known globally and manufactured in Germany with sturdy machine construction, maximum testing accuracy and ease of use and maintenance. They were used to test crankshafts, camshafts, engine blocks and other large workpieces. They were some of the earliest testers to be integrated into high throughput production lines of larger and heavier test pieces.
Precidur Hardness Legacy Testers

Software mit Tradition

PRECIDUR wurde in den frühen 90er Jahren von der Fritz Müller GmbH in Deutschland entwickelt und wird auf vielen Mikroh?rteprüfern unterschiedlicher Hersteller verwendet. Die Software erm?glicht die Steuerung des Mikroh?rteprüfers über einen Computer und verwendet eine Kamera zum automatischen Messen der Eindrücke. Dank seiner Programmierfunktionen ist eine vollautomatische Strukturierung m?glich.