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A chillum, or chilam, is a pipe used by Indian Sadhu holy men, Rastafarians and by many recreational drug users to smoke cannabis, opium, tobacco, etc. Chillum pipes are made of stone, wood, glass or clay. To smoke a chillum pipe, pack the top your chillum with your smoking material, place a stone on it to keep your weeds from spilling out. Holding your chillum upright, hold your hand around the end of the chillum and light the top. Inhale smoke with your fist around the end. You can see a chillum being smoked in the video below.

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Ceramic Chillums
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Clay Chillums
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Glass Chillums
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Stone Chillums
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Wood Chillum Pipes
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In this video you will see the full process of creating a vegetarian chillum pipe - if you'd rather eat your vegetables than smoke them (like me), just click here to check our extensive collection of fine chillum pipes.

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