The ultimate pollen pressing kit

piecemaker press A heavy duty piece of equipment, the Piecemaker Press compresses your pollen into a compact block.

This perfectly manufactured stainless steel press is 100% tasteless and food-safe.

Extremely high-grade steel (X10CrNis189) 3,000 kg maximum pressure - no deformation of the material.

No loss of material Tenth-of-a-millimetre exact fit.

Rolled thread No abrasion No metal pieces

Piecemaker Press Review: Just wanted to take this opportunity to show you all my brand new toy! I've always been in desperate need of a pollen press, I use bubble buckets to make my hash but even though the hash is of a great quality I've never been able to compress it properly by hand, so the pieces end up being airy and prone to crumbling into little bits if not used carefully. Anywho I can now make what I consider to be proper hash.

I bought this for $170 so it's not the cheapest toy in the store. This item is heavy duty, it weighs in at 770 grams, that's over a pound and a half. I've only made small pieces with this thing but you could make blocks of hash that weigh several ounces. Simply, I really rate this item a perfect 10!

The guide that I followed for this tool said to tighten as hard as you can then leave for at least 10 seconds, I leave it for a couple of minutes but it's not essential, the guide does suggest you heat it up a little with a hair dryer. Heat pressing reduces the harshness of the smoke, the other way to do this is to leave the hash for a long time, I forget the name of it but theres something in hash that makes it harsh and this is what heating or leaving to age reduces. This is why people say charis gets better over time.

piecemaker press

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